Bryan McCarthy
Nauset South
Artist Physician

Nauset South

Artist Physician

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About Me

 It has been said that medicine is both an art and a science. Twenty years of medical practice has convinced me that it is indeed true. If medicine is the art of preserving life, my art is an attempt at an expression of life. The science of medicine is technical. So too, an aspect of art must be technical. My chosen media are stone, ink and water color. This diversity is not as confused as it appears. Drawing and painting with ink or watercolor is the nearest thing to two dimensional sculpture imaginable. Unlike other media where a mistake can be erased or painted over. A less than perfect strike with a chisel or stroke with a sumi brush loaded with ink cannot be undone or covered over.

Stone Sculpture

In my sculpture I employ direct stone carving techniques. This involves hand carving with chisels and rasps and without the use of models. Whether the work is figurative or abstract, each piece is an attempt to express the power & essential beauty of life.

Two Dimensional Art

As a physician, the subject I am most intimately attuned to is the human body. When painting or drawing, my aim is to portray the the spirit of my model in a minimalistic manner. In the tradition of ancient Asian ink painters, the goal is to express "very much with very little."
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